Author: Vickie Fisher

Reflexology in Babies: A Therapy to Relieve Ailments

by Vickie Fisher

Reflexology is a completely safe therapy for babies as it is non-invasive. In fact, it can be applied from the first days of the newborn's life to help calm him and give him a greater sense of security thanks to skin-to-skin contact with his parents. However, these are not its only benefits, reflexology can also be useful for:

  • Treat birth trauma, especially if it was a long and intense labor or if forceps were used.
  • Strengthen the neck area so that the baby can support his head by himself as soon as possible.
  • Work the spine to stimulate nerve reflexes and improve posture.
  • Relieve gum pain and general discomfort during the teething process .
  • Expel excess mucus from the airways in the event of a cold, which helps the baby to breathe better.
  • Facilitate digestive transit and reduce stomach discomfort such as constipation or abdominal pain.
  • Relax the muscles and relieve muscle tensions that appear as a result of sudden movements.
  • Facilitate sleep and rest, especially at night.
  • Reassure the baby when he is overexcited or very nervous.

There are various theories about how reflexology works. One of the oldest claims that it works through the energy channels of the body, so that when stimulating a reflex zone in the foot, the energy of a specific channel is activated, which in turn acts on an organ or zone in particular, which leads to its "cure." On the other hand, other more modern theories are based on the idea that certain nerve endings are stimulated through foot massages, which in turn connect with the spinal nerves and these with the corresponding organs throughout the body.

In any case, when practicing reflexology, a signal is sent from the reflex areas of the feet to the different organs, which acts as a kind of catalyst that helps to “restart” your metabolism. In the specific case of babies, reflexology is even more effective since, being in full development, they tend to be more receptive to the effect of massages, at the same time that they have fewer reflex zones since their feet are still very small, which simplifies the connection paths between the feet and the different organs.

In addition, unlike adults, in babies reflexology can be applied practically at any time, the same while they sleep, eat or even, when they play, which makes it a very practical technique.

Sleep mom, today you did well and tomorrow you will do better

by Vickie Fisher

All mothers in the world, from the moment they become pregnant, become authentic lionesses that protect their young so that they do not lack anything and are healthy and safe. This inner feeling is so powerful that at times, it can even cause some anxiety when fears appear in the subconscious and they believe that perhaps they are not doing as well as they should ...

Guilty feeling

Many mothers feel an immense feeling of guilt pressing against their chest every night before going to sleep; "Am I doing it right?", "Was I wrong to scold my son this morning?", "Maybe I should have controlled myself", "Next time I don't want to yell at them ...", "I wish I could have gotten more money this month to offer more to my family ”… These are some of the common thoughts that can go through the mind of any mother before going to bed.

They are thoughts that do not allow a good rest, that make you feel bad ... and if you do not rest, you cannot perform well, you will be more irascible and irritable with your family and everything will turn into a bigger and bigger snowball ... and in the end you will end up suffocating in it! That is why it is so important to become truly aware of the type of mother you are and, above all, to understand that there is a word that defines you when it comes to raising your children: warrior.

Sleep mom

Sleep mom, because today you did well and tomorrow you will do better. Yes, you may have been wrong about something, but that doesn't make you a bad mother ... that makes you human. It is normal that you make mistakes but the secret is that you are aware of these possible errors and that the next day you take them into account to be able to do it even better than you already do.

At night, you must rest to be able to offer your family the best version of yourself every day, and of course, to be able to have the necessary strength to also take care of yourself. For your children, you will always be the best mother that exists in the whole planet because you are that woman who gives them security, shelter, affection, unconditional love, who spends all your energy every day to offer them everything they need in their life ... And although you're really tired, you give them your best smile.

You are that mother who fights for her children, you are that warrior who will always do whatever it takes for your family to be united. Because yes, sometimes you can have certain feelings of guilt, but make sure they are momentary feelings that only serve you to look at what is happening in your life from perspective and find the solutions that you think are appropriate to be better and educate your children from the beginning. love and mutual respect.

Dad, you too are on the front line of battle

If mom is a warrior, dad is another warrior! Parents are also on the front lines of the battle to make a family cohesive. They also fight against fatigue, sleep and society in order to enjoy their family and life in general. Dad, you too should sleep peacefully because your children also need a happy father, strong and with that wonderful smile that brings them so much emotional well-being ... at any age.